Friday, June 03, 2005

Choose your own adventure...


I almost hate having too much to blog about rather than too little…because then how are you supposed to choose….I do long enough posts as it is to do more than one subject…and I hate doing two posts on the same day, people only look at the first one….

So I’ll let you decide which story I should post:

The options…

1. My night at the White Eagle, complete with a large glass of milk at the bar (bonus: How I further annoyed my roommates at 4am)

2. My last work trip, not that exciting – but the "World” of a flight attendant – some of you dig that shit

3. My last trip to Montana…The story of my Grandma that just passed on…World War II in Germany, Austria, and England…how she came to the Bitterroot Valley.

4. My upcoming 29th birthday – What it means to my future…very philosophical…

5. Upcoming trip to the small town of Rexford, Kansas…why am I going there??

These are your choices…. vote carefully. And if you have write in votes for a different topic entirely, write away….

Keeping it real…. on the flip side….

Flying Waitress….out.


Sloop said...

I vote for option 1.
p.s. I thought you were going to watch the Star Wars today, not blog on some blog.

BonikaStJames said...

I vote for 1 or 2.

Nice, 29 isn't that old! What's the plan in way of a party?

Love and kisses

Necessary2 said...

I vote for hearing of your last trip to the Big Sky state. My dad lives there...

Knows It All said...

I'm a stranger, but would love to see a post on the White Eagle. Dude, it used to be such a creepy dive, in the middle of a weirdo place.. now it's kinda hip. Update me. I'm a former Portlander and I miss funky Portland stuff! Good BLOG

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