Saturday, January 21, 2006

FINALLY! a new post

it's been awhile.

I suppose i've been waiting for something to say.

listening to music right now, postal service, it makes me feel like writing.

It reminds me of a day....

I had just gambled away a large portion of my spending money at Casino Montecarlo. That however, didn't stop me from relaxing over a amazing (and amazingly inexpensive!) 3 course dinner at a nearby cafe. My travelling friend and I decided to take a walk to keep the drowsies from stealing away our time...the sun was about to set over the french riveira. My friend walked ahead, as she was more driven and purposeful. I wandered to the side of the cliff and looked over the lower part of the town, beyond the yachts and the cruise ships and waited for the sun to reach the water.

Out of the blue I heard windpipes playing amazing grace. I looked below to see, standing alone on the deck of a yacht, was a solitary bagpipper playing to the sun. As I looked over the water and let the sounds of the windpipe wash over me I thanked God.

For this was my dream, to see this place - amongst others- and here I stood. Amazing grace is right. For I did not deserve it but yet I was here standing in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

And the bagpipper played on. I soaked up that moment, for I knew I may never be here agian. I needed to take a inner photograph so at moments when I felt mundane and overwhelmed with the business of everday life, I could come back to this moment and re-live it over and over.

So now, as I sit in my room listening to music, I am back at the cliffs of Monte Carlo, Monaco; walking out of the dark train station into the sepia light of Venice with water surrounding me, standing at the banks of the north sea in St.Andrews, Scotland as waves crash agianst the stone ruins of what looks like castles and cathedrals, I am swing dancing in Paris in barefeet and later backpacking in pain for I skined the bottoms of my feet, laying on the hot beach in January while monkey's steal our cookies.

I have heard it said that travel is something you never regret. It is so true. For the times I regret is missed opportunites

Now, I need to buy a plane ticket and go see something I've never seen before.


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Your post makes me want to travel to someplace warm right now!

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