Thursday, November 16, 2006


First of all - All my links vanished. I look like a rookie with my edit-me's.

Oh well.

Also, I leave at the crack of dawn, to the land of the sphinx. I will be gone from the 17th to the 2nd of December.

If you know my cell phone - don't call me while I'm away; but feel free to text message me - as texts are free to receive and don't cost very much to send back from Egypt.

I hope I don't die.

20 Things that can kill me while I'm away:

1. Small brown Scorpions
2. Viper snakes
3. Cobra Snakes
4. Poisonous Spiders
5. Crocodiles
6. Suicide bomber
7. Other forms of terrorist attacks
8. Crazy – murderous cab drivers
9. Plane Crash
10. Yellow Fever (I didn’t have time to get the shot)
11. Malaria (ditto)
12. Bird Flu (ditto again)
13. Boat crash
14. Train Crash
15. Car Crash
16. Stuck in Pyramid
17. Crazy climbing Pyramid falling accident
18. Red Sea Drowning
19. Collapsed tunnel in underground temples
20. Police Chase – because that’s how I roll.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

EGYPT! Awesome!
Be safe and take lots of photos. I have always wanted to go to Egypt.

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