Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm Home!!

I'm home and working on recovering the rest of my pictures.

I will post more about my trip in the coming days. But the dark day of the trip is what I call the great erasement of 2006, when I accidentally re-formatted my memory card and erased 423 pictures from the first 2/3'rds of my trip. This was a dark day.

The darkest day was the day I returned and found out that if I would have used my other memory card I could have recovered all the pictures. My friend is still trying for me to see if he can get any of them.

Until then you can find some of my pictures on my flickr site from the last 1/3 'rd of the trip.

I'm still praying for the rest.

1 comment:

MJAPA said...

OH NO! I hope you can get them back! Fingers crossed for you. I have enjoyed reading about the trip thus far. You went to EGYPT! I mean holy cow! :-)

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