Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My Brilliant day - pondering big life decisons.


This is my first post on I'm really excited.

No really I am.


So I'm waiting for #3 incident.

What is this you ask? Alright I'll tell you.

You know how every bad thing comes in three's? Well they do.

I'm on two. Worst place to be because I know there's one more out there. waiting. watching.

So I belive #1 was when I forgot to bid for my schedule. For all of you not in the know - that means I, based on senority, every month pick my scedule. If for some silly reason someone didn't remember to do this for the next 35 days they have to sit on call for the whole month. (I perhaps was that someone) That wouldn't be so bad if you lived where you work. However like many in my industry I commute from portland to a diffrent city a few states away. So I have to sit in a hotel or apartment that I pay for waiting to see if they need me...for a month. The sucky thing, well one of the sucky things about this is that I just got tickets to the Ellen Show.


But I can't go because I have to sit in another state.

Watching cable.

Waiting. (or I could skip out of work that day...hmm)

Number #2 was today. I was driving, while talking on the phone. My favorite pastime. And I was sitting at the light (in Portland) where the I-5 Exit from Southbound hits Portland Blvd. As most people know you can't turn right on a red light here.

I know this.

But I was on the phone.

Chatting away.

The car in front of me turned on the red. I started to go but saw him get pulled over by cop chick on motorcycle. I didn't even cross over the crosswalk. Home free. I made a joke about it to my brother on the phone.

Light turned green, I turned chatting away and saw the motorcycle chick wave me over.


She gave me a ticket because by starting to turn, I indicated that I would have turned if I didn't see her. Which is true, but should we get tickets for intending to do something? My driving record was so nice and clear.


The good news was she didn't give me a ticket for my expired tags (did you know you have to renew those every year? how redundent!) nor my expired license - which I would have understood, it has been since June...I should pop by the DMV sometime. So I just have a $235 dollar ticket for the running of the red light. or intending to...

So number #3 I know your out there....I'm going to Toronto for an interview this week...I hope #3 doesn't happen then.....

What was your last trio of three bad incidents? Does it work that way for you?

Also - side bar - I am trying to decide If I will A) Go to Dubai and work for airline there or B) Stay in Portland, Or C) Start a rock band in Santa Monica.

A) a roommate who will remain nameless thinks this is not a good Idea. Boo! Die!

B) I like it here. It's green. But here my layovers are Yakima and Walla Walla. In Dubai they would be Milan and Paris...India..Austrailia...New Zeland...whatever..I'm sure I'd miss Walla Walla, Washington and all the onions there.

C) Rock band? Santa Monica? I don't rock, I can't sing, play? yeah right. I like the beach and the warm weather though, I'd have to be homeless cause' I can't afford it down there but there are perks to that too... Like hanging out on the docks and eating garbage. sweet.

What should I do?


single white male said...

if this possible interview doesn't work out you can always come talk to me. I have an airline and could use an energetic mover and shaker of your caliber. there could be a place for us in the sky.

Flyingwaitress said...

a little creepy...

Flyingwaitress said...

But thanks...

BonikaStJames said...

wow. eek indeed. Thanks for a killer time at the beach girl! Sorry about 1 & 2. I could take matters into my own hands and slash your tires for #3. Let me know. : )

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