Sunday, April 10, 2005

Johnny's 5 questions?

Q1: what kind of organization is the 7 mile club and if it had a secret handshake what would it be?

The 7 mile high club is for anyone who's workspace is at 35,000 feet or higher. It has nothing to do with the mile high club as it is 6 miles higher and less "sexual". Secret handshake is: Palm to fist, Fist to palm, Fist to fist, then high 5 (always need a high5)

Q2: you are working and find that OW is sitting in your section. would you change your behaviour while in his vicinity and if so how?

I pride myself in treating everyone special and making them feel cared about, going the extra mile. So I would do my normal thing, stowing his bag, giving him snacks, juices, coffee, my phone number, back massage, foot massage, manicure, wash his hair, trim his nose hair, take pictures of him from every angle, hand him a script. Just the normal level of customer service I try to extend to everyone.

Q3: what percentage of passengers do think actually eat that bag of complementary nuts?

We give out frito's or sun chips so that would be no one, because we don't have nuts, that are complimentry. We do have the two pilots in the "cockpit" which are similar in many ways.

Q4: what is the coolest outfit you own and what does it look like?

The coolest outfit I own is my favorite jeans that are normally $400 that I got at red light for $25. (D&G). They're comfy.

Q5: you have a choice between going out for beers with the pilots or going shopping for makeup with the attendants. which do you choose and why?

Neither, I would choose to stay in my hotel room, watch cable and eat take out.


BonikaStJames said...

Cockpit... nuts.... that's pretty funny.

I think the 7 mile high club is for people who've joined the mile high club 7 or more times... Kinda like being on SNL multiple times. Once you’ve done that you should have access to parts of the plain we know are hidden from the rest of us. You get in by finding a secret combo that can only be seen while midcoitus on the seventh time. The secret handshake is really complicated and has more to do with getting blood back in your arms than anything else.

Flyingwaitress said...

I think if anyone would be a member of that kind of club you of all people would be an expert. That's all I'm saying.

Sloop said...

Yipes. I think I stumbled into some very wrong blog here. I thought this was a blog about Uzbekistan.

—jake said...

A: I'm a fan of your blog too. Really, if I didn't hate reading so much—or if I wasn't so tired—I'd have read the whole thing tonight. As it is, I spent close to an hour.

B: More importantly, you posted something on my site about how you and your kind might be willing to help me out with future snowball-type projects. I want your help. Let me know how I can reach you (my contact info is one the "info" page of I don’t know why I'm willing to post it on my site but not here. Weird, right?

—jake said...

PS—I'm so thick (and tired). I just realized, only one of the pages I read was yours... the others were the links listed on the right. I don't know how I missed the fact that mine is up there. Anyway, I'm going to bed.

Flyingwaitress said...

So your saying your not really a fan of mine, just a fan of my friends - and yourself - sweet. I'll try harder ;-)

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