Friday, April 01, 2005

Blogg on down, Blogg on down, Blogg on down the road...

I am really streaching to come up with something blogg worthy. It's hard that I started this blog during a flying hiatus, because my life seems a bit boring.

Last night after a trip with Moz to Powells city of books (with the 'wonder-the- info guy', that never looked up from his book, and answered our question about searching for book with -"I don't know"), I bought some Golden Grahams. That was cool. yummy.

Had a little get together at Sloop and Moz's. Bonita St. James and her significant was there, as well as Johnny Crash. They reminised (sp?!?) about THE BEST PARTY EVER. Which I didn't go to as I didn't know about. That's cool though, I don't care. The pain will subside eventually.

Watched the end of Apprentice, was shocked to see that The Trumpster fired someone. TV never fails to suprise me.

Watched Zoolander (fantastic film), my boyfriend is in it (O.W) I think he is sending me personal messages thru his movies.

I promise to lead a more exciting life, and here, read some airline companies newsletter. I don't know how I aquired it, I just did. That's all you need to know.


Moz said...

That Powell's guy was awesome. Especially the time when we went all over the whole store looking for the book we needed and it was on the shelf directly behind the (not so helpful) help desk, that was awesome (imagine this being said in a sarcastic tone). As for the best party ever, we'll have many more and you're always (sometimes) invited.

jonny ragel said...

so here's your five interview questions as mentioned in my post you commented on. do with them wot you must. it's recommended you answer them and turn them into a post. of course it's recommended that people not run the car while it's in a closed garage but that doesn't seem to be stopping some people goes:

Q1: what kind of organization is the 7 mile club and if it had a secret handshake what would it be?

Q2: you are working and find that OW is sitting in your section. would you change your behaviour while in his vicinity and if so how?

Q3: what percentage of passengers do think actually eat that bag of complementary nuts?

Q4: what is the coolest outfit you own and what does it look like?

Q5: you have a choice between going out for beers with the pilots or going shopping for makeup with the attendants. which do you choose and why?

Flyingwaitress said...

Great questions, I'll post the answers later.

BonikaStJames said...

The trick to the Best Party Ever is to not think about it. There have been a few get-togethers that have been awesome and I never know going into the night that they will be. Trying to orchestrate a great party usually doesn't work, I usually just end up really drunk trying to relive my glory days. I think the trick is to just always be around and try not to think about it. It's kind-of like the trick to flying which is to through yourself at the ground and miss.

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