Monday, May 16, 2005

Why I like my job.

As a balance to my negative rant post, I want to republish something I wrote on another blog of mine a couple months ago. Despite the few annoying things such as pay, I fly because I choose to. I choose to because I love it. This is why I love it:

Every day at least one person asks me if I like what I do. I always have the same answer.

I love it.

No one ever asks me why. They assume, I think, that I love it for the free travel and jet setting life style. I won't lie that is one of the reasons I applied for this job to begin with.(Although I don't know how "jet setting" I am.)

But why I love it now has very little to do with the travel. Sure I like to fly. I remember the first time I flew. I was 17 or 18 and was next to the window staring out in awe of taking off and the world getting smaller and smaller. The business woman next to me assured me that after a few flights I wouldn't even look out the window any more. I would be jaded like her. "It's not really a big deal" she said as she got back to her files and papers.

10 years later....I still love taking off and landing - it still has wonder and I always look out the window- if I can - to see the world fade away. So yes I love to fly.(I can't even begin to count how many take-off's I've had in working the last 2 years and all the traveling I did before that)I still like that feeling of soaring.

But that isn't even the reason that I adore my job.

Before this I did sales. I liked working with people but even though it was a bit rewarding I was always taking...convincing people to spend money.

This job is the opposite. I am always giving. Giving a pillow, a pepsi, a blanket, a's not really dramatic but I love the feeling of giving out. 70 passangers a flight, 5 flights a day. I come in connact with so many people that are flying for many reasons. Some are going to weddings, or on vacation, some are traveling for business or to visit their boyfriend/girlfriend. Some are happy, some are angry and a few are really sad. I've had soldiers on their way to Irag, some on their way home to visit their wives and children. Little kids traveling by themselves (some only 6 years old) acting like little adults with their gameboys and dvd players.

I have cryed with some as I hold their hand and they talk about their brother that died. I've laughed with the teenagers on their way to mexico for spring break. I've commiserated with the girls on their way to see the guy the met online. I've heard stories that made me sob that night in my hotel room and stories that still make me laugh when I think about them.

I've had medical emergencies and life threatning situations on board...that all turned out ok.

That is why I love this job. Because 70 people per flight, on 5 flights a day let me care about them. Even if it's sometimes just to let me give them a tomato with no ice and a coffee with cream and splenda (well...we only have equal and the pink stuff). They let me care instead of just make a sale.

That's what I get paid for. And that's why I signed up to just travel for a bit and now I can't imagine doing anything else.

Just please, treat me like a person and not "the help".


jonny ragel said...

you rock, teresa. please refer to my last comment on your thankful thread for more info.

BonikaStJames said...

Nice. This is very sweet and why I like my new job in management. It's nice to know that you are bringing a smile to someone's face. I'm happy to hear that you get the same satisfaction from your job.

Anonymous said...

Must say that you can care about me anytime... you are the friend I laughed with so long ago still and it's things like reading your heart that cuts through all the other crap - it's nice to hear about your adventures and why you love it, I can imagine it's right up 'your alley'. As an aside, I love to fly still as much today as my first trip. And I always treat the stewardess as a person (though recently they must have been really rushed because they were plain rude). I didn't have a funny or sad story, just on my way to my midwifery school interview scared out of my wits. Well, see you more I hope.

Javier Marti said...

I don`t know you but I read this article and it is nice! You must be a nice person too. It is late in the night, so I am bookmarking your place to try to come back and read more. Meet me if you ever come in Tenerife, and see my blog if you can
Kiss :)

Knows It All said...

I NEVER MEET FAs LIKE YOU. EVER!!! Thanks for being a good one and being that person who treats people like people when they may really need it. Double karma points if it's "your last flight of the day" or whatever the jargon is for what FAs say when they are really tired.

FlySoon said...

It's been 7 years since this was posted. Though my current line of work is not in the aviation field, your perspective has allowed me to appreciate the job I do.

Someday, when I join the fleet of Flight Attendants up in the sky, I hope I can find the peace you have.

Thank you so much.

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