Sunday, March 26, 2006

End of vaction...John Vanderslice...Pink doors.

Well, it was beautiful in Florida, warm and relaxing.

NYC was, well, NYC. Crazy, brilliant, fast, sleep deprived. I loved it. Not every second. I definitely had a couple moments, where I acted the part of the wide eyed naive girl in the big city. I believe the drink may have affected this. But anything can happen there, and there is always a new experience right around the corner.

My favorite thing to do in NYC is walk, listening to music and take in the city. I got back to the hotel one morning after going out all night, and threw on my running shoes, my mp3 player and walked. It was my last day there and I had enough cash for the subway ride to the airport and $.66 in my checking account. I grabbed a Raw Bar (lara bar - thank god I brought some along) and spent a few hours walking as the day came alive. That day literally cost nothing and was the most fufilling. My baby mp3 was filled with Calla, STARS and John Vanderslice. It was the perfect soundtrack for the city. NYC inspires me, drives me, dares me to try to make it.

I still hope that someday I can live there. In the far future maybe. I think I may be too laid back and content to make it in there. Maybe someday though...

I was happy to come home and sleep in my own bed.

Speaking of John Vanderslice (My favorite musician since I saw his show last September or was it Augest?), he is playing at the Doug Fir on April the 8th.It's going to be rad. Before I saw him play the first time, I hadn't even heard one song . I like music, but unless I am really familiar with someone's music, It's hard for me to really focus on it at a club. When he started playing I was in the back talking with friends. I was caught off guard and started to listen. The next thing I knew I was standing at the front transfixed. yep. He's that good.

I have to go now. It's time to paint my door pink.


BonikaStJames said...

Nice recap! I want to go to NY really bad and hope to soon... this is a new desire for me. I have a cousin-in-law who stays there off and on and has offered to give us a tour. Now I just need the $$$.

Have fun with the Pink door... you never know, maybe it will open to some place new!

MJAPA said...

I want to live in NY someday as well. Ever since I saw it for the first time a couple of years ago. It has a heart. The energy is great, there is nothing like it!

Flyingwaitress said...

your right, it does have a heart. That's perfect.

Landon said...

Teresa! Laura and I met you Monday night in Columbus at the John Vandersliceshow. I'm looking forward to seeing all your pictures from the tour. Keep it up and have fun on your vacation.


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