Tuesday, March 14, 2006

yikes...Spring Break?!?!

Highlights so far --

1) French Flight Attendant, " Why you do not check your bag, we are not weight lifters"

2) Hot Developer I got to talk with the flight to NYC

3) Hot buisness guy from NY that was waiting in JFK for his flight to San Fransico. All I remember (I was really, REALLY tired) was telling him to follow his dreams.

"If you could do anything what would it be?" I said to the rich, young finance guy.

"A writer"

"Do it. Follow your dream. you only live once"

"That means I'll be poor"

"oh, Well have a good life!" (i was kidding!!)

4) the 7 yr old twins from Vancouver BC I hung out with while waiting for our delayed flight. I was the same age as their mom, but who did I identify with?? They gave me a penny.

5) The grandma that sat next to me on my flight to Ft. Lauderdale. She spoke mainly in Yiddish but the english I could understand was very wise. "Honey, you need to marry a lawyer or a Doctor - that's what I told my girls - you have to be practical - you don't want to starve."

6) She asked if I was a red or blue state - I said purple - she and the surrounding rows of New Yorkers preceeded to lecture me on the fact that i'm the reason the country is in such disrepair.

7) Lunch in Ft.Lauderdale - 85 degrees and I'm eating Matza ball soup and meatloaf

8) sleeping off the meatloaf

9) Drinking with the hundreds of 21 year old spring breakers on the beach in FL.

10) Driving in the middle of the night with the windows down listening to Postal Service while watching the stars speed past.

11) Huge slices of NYC pizza on the beach for breakfast

12) getting excited because we think we saw a boy older than 22 on the beach. Leaving when we realized we were wrong and just don't want to hang out with the college kids and their wet tshirt contests

13) seeing the Girls Gone Wild tour bus pull up as we pulled out.

14) the warm wind blowing thru my fingers as we drive down the beach.

15) THE SUN.


Tonight - Miami South Beach - Tommorow - South beach.

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BethInPortland said...

This blog made my day. I don't know where to start. Everything is comment-able.

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