Saturday, February 17, 2007

Much to Much

Picture by Marisa Swenson

A beautiful almost spring day outside, a light wind. I'm sitting just insde a window trying to find a way to escape from my own skin.

This week I've had the following revelations:

1)A person's intergerity is not best seen by how they enter a situation - a new job, new roommates, a relationship, etc - but their integrity is shown by the manner in which they leave.

2)Good music has the ability to transport you anywhere you want to go and make you anyone you want to be - but only for that one song.

3)A film that is horrificly acted, directed and written - can still be a satisfying way to escape.

4)Forced love day (valentines) is a scary holiday. Much scarier than halloween.

5)Insecurity and loneliness is far more intoxicating than liquor and can make you just as drunk, and there's just as much regret in the morning.

6)Dancing is the best medicine.

8)To write is great.

9) Travel is as addictive as cocaine (well, I don't have first hand knowledge of cocaine - but I'm sure it's the same)

10)Myspace is my best and worst friend.

11)The Office is a great TV show, but almost too close to real life.

12)A shirt can sometimes be worn as a dress and visa versa.

13)If I could really live wherever I want, I might still choose where I am now.

14)Good friends are worth more than anything.

15)There are more than two sides to every story - I belive it's more like ten.

16)Wes Anderson is a genius (I already knew this, it's just more apparent this week after mulitple viewings of The Life Aquatic)

17)I really cannot connect with any guy if he likes The Grateful Dead or Any form of teeny kid pop.(not that there is anything wrong with either)

18)Dancing and Singing in your car is highly underrated.

19)The long version of Pride and Prejudice is better than the short, anorexiac version.

20)No matter how much I wish I lived in a different time, a different decade. I am stuck here.

21)Don't Always double down on eleven.

22)Meatloaf is good.

23)Taquitos are brillant recovery food.

24)'24' is great.

25)Someday I will just get on a plane, email my friends and family from a far off airport and travel for at least a year, all around the world. There's just too much to see.

26)If I ever get married, #25 would be the best honeymoon ever.

27)The chances of #26 seem slimmer and slimmer.

28)Boys will say or do whatever they have to.

29)I act the part of being a adult, but I'm still not there yet.

30)I'm going back to bed.


Steve said...

Agreed on pride and prejudice. Although I love Kira. I enjoyed all 30 thoughts.

BonikaStJames said...

I love you. You are beautiful and wonderful. I would love to watch the whole of pride and predjudice with you very soon. What are you doing tomorrow?


Flyingwaitress said...

ahh....thanks y'all!

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