Thursday, March 01, 2007

John Vanderslice

This Artist is still my favorite.

October 2005, I had just stopped flying. I put down my wings and wasn't sure where to go from there. October 5th, 2005 was my offical last day.
That month, finally home on a weekend, and able to hang out with my roommates. They invited me to tag along with them to see a artist I was told was really good.

I had spent my life on the sidleines of good music. Knowing the names of bands that had proper "street cred" I could tell if a band was icky or good. I liked listening to bands. However, with no stero in my car and just a few tracks on my laptop I had less appreciation and more slight awareness of music. Except Elliott Smith, I always loved Elliott Smith.

That night however, I entered the Doug Fir Lounge, happy to be "looking good" wearing new brown boots and out on the town. I was content with that, sucking down a few malibu and cokes. Then, I was seperated from my friends. In the crowd.

I looked up to see a modest looking band come on stage, a orlando bloom look-a-like on bass and good looking curley haired guy on keyboards. John Vanderslice opened his mouth. I never don't remember the first song that was sung, but I do remember I was suddelnly hit, like chills, like magic.

I was transported with each song into amazing stories, of bunnies running away and Joan Crawford at 21. Melodies that made me want to fly. There are no words however to properly describe how his music impacted me.

Coming home that night, and thoroughout the next week - I aquired every song I could. Hours listening to his music evolved into inspiration that brought me to write agian. His song's inspired stories that made thier way into short screenplays. Then I started listening to more music, different music.

Weak, and trying to recover, I would spend hours in my room daydreaming to David Bowie then Calla, The National. (Thanks to musician roommates - I was given some great music)

Now it's Radiohead that I listen to on repeat for hours at a time. Mixing in Bryan Free, Boy Eats Drum Machine, Crosstide, Sicssors for Lefty, Stars of Track and Field, The Shins, Derby, Jonah, and so many, many more - I am now obsessed with music.

John Vanderslice opened a door for a new phase in my life that started when I hung up my wings in listening and now selling merch.

I had helped a few friends selling merch at a couple shows (cd's, shirts,etc)but what started out as selling merch for John on his next show in Portland as a fan turned into a week on the east coast finding out what stand up guys they all were. I spent a week driving my rental car and listening to music. It was heaven.

Since then i've had the pleasure of selling merch, and working with some other amazing musicians - This myspace site wouldn't exist without that week.

Also since October of 2005 I've also had the pleasure of seeing other shows that felt like magic. Take the Shins show a week ago yesterday. Miracle.

All this post is to let you know that John is going on tour agian this spring - check him out! I don't think you'll regret it!

John Vanderslice, Columbus OH

Dan B, Me- looking crazy, JV, Janette

all the money is in pretty color's

Music has become my new escape, but what a fantastic escape it is.

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Dianna said...

YAY! jv tour = workin' merch. i think i'm doing three dates this tour. can't wait :)

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