Monday, October 22, 2007

A ten minute post

I really want to post a real blog entry tonight. Not just a picture - but I have 10 minutes before I go out. So I have 10 minutes to post something of substance and interest. I think the best way to get this going is to post a random picture from my flickr page as the illustration for the post (if you will).O.K - so I randomly picked a number and then found that number ranked picture in my flickr - and that is the picture of the post. That should give us a good start.

here it is:

Ben tells everyone what's up
boy eats drum machine

The picture is from a BEDM show at Holocene. Good show, good venue.

The first time I went to Holocene I was with my friend Michelle. I believe we were fresh flight attendants at the time, because it was before I had ever been to NYC. The night in question, I was getting ready to go out - when my contacts ripped. Instead of wearing glasses and ruining my hip image, I decided to go blind. What we girls do for beauty is amazing...

So Michelle had to not only guide me around, but described the club to when I say I was blind, I am not embellishing or exaggerating. (for a change) No, when I am without visual help, all I can see is a mis-mash of colors fading into each other....Like a blurry kaleidescope.

So she described the club as all white, with colors and projections of plants on the walls - she said it was sleek like a NY club (which at the time I had not yet seen, but I could imagine). She described how hip and cool everyone was dressed. And most importantly she made sure I knew which boys were and were not my type. The more I partook in beverages, the less clear my vision was - which is saying a lot. It was like I was in a world of visual sensory deprivation - mixed with audio overload. People came to talk to us, and their faces looked like hazy monster faces. Despite that I felt like I was in a world of wonder. I've never really done drugs but I imagine it would be like that.

As the club got louder, and I got dizzier - she announced we were going with some friends we just met across the street. Across the street was a strip club.

Now this strip club, I must say was smoky and dark - the colors were kind of angry and the music was disturbing bad top 40 music. I saw outlines of dancers and the smoke kind of choked me. I am up for new experiences, and all - but this was a bit overwhelming. I sat in the back and waited for the these new friends and my friend to have their fill of their fun.

When they were done they asked what I thought of the dancers being all nude. I was shocked to learn that they were - that I was just in a bar with a bunch of nude women. They didn't believe me that I had no idea, but honestly I thought they were all wearing tan lingerie. I was happy to leave that place.

Later, with my contacts in - I went to Holocene again, probably the next weekend. This time I was able to see for myself this NYC styled hip club. Now, it was cool - and I still think it looks sleek and modern - don't get me wrong. But it never quite met up with the description of Michelle's and the waves of white and colors from my first time there. I almost prefer the hazy not quite visible version to the stark real version.

I think that is how it is in my life sometimes - I prefer the hazy glorious versions of the moments I've experienced in life rather than the stark real ones - no matter how great the real one is. But the problem with that is eventually you go into the hazy places and the colors aren't pretty anymore, and the bright color's turn dark.

I think it's better just to wear my contacts (or my glasses - which by chance I have to wear for the next few days) life in the clear.

Well, it's been 10 minutes. (good thing I type fast)


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