Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I know, I know it's been forever and forever since I've posted anything beyond a few pictures here and there. Ridicule me, I understand.

I should post stories from my trip to Greece, and I do have some stories - including the best wedding ever,and the cute Australian guy that proposed to me after a sweet kiss in one of the most romantic spots - on a ferry, seconds after the top picture was taken. (I sadly had to say no because it was just too much of a commitment, esp. after knowing each other for only a few hours. I thought it best to end the relationship when the ferry docked - It's just too hard to go backwards when you say no to marrying them.).

Also I met three of the most fantastic girls that were attending the wedding.
Athen's Resturant                              (the one with the hot waiters...)

I ended up being super blessed because they had a empty bed in their villa, so I got to stay with them. Not only was it a money saver (that left funds for shopping at H&M) but I was most lucky to meet some of the smartest, classiest, cultured, funny (beyond funny), well traveled girl friends. I feel really blessed!! And I hope we stay friends beyond the normal flash in the pan travel friends you meet on the road sometimes.

Also, there were our adventures with "Sweet Pea" the rental car without a working 1st gear. She was testy, French, and pea colored but she was ours:
Hanging with Sweet Pea
Driving in Greece

Anyway, there are so many stories I could tell you:
the dancing until 6am, beach bonfire with Jonny giving a unplugged show, the amazing food, learning the Greek dancing, dinner and posh clubs in Athens,unexpected side trips to Budapest,amazing ice making bags, mouse ca ca, floating on the clearest water I've seen, naked old men covering the beaches, seeing my friends from home in a far away land, midnight swimming and so much more - but there's just too much.

For a last minute trip, in which I only stayed for 5 days - it was probably one of my best trips yet. wow.
Wedding Sunset

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Sloop said...

You should have a caption contest for that pic where you're not looking at the road while driving. I'd caption it, "So did you know Interpol was going to get me backst-AAAAAGGGGHHH!!!!!"

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